Are you confident your site will perform when it goes live?

Poor performance equals poor user experience. Poor user experience will lose you sales.

In the digital world, speed is everything. Information must be instant. Gratification immediate.

Customers use the internet for speed and convenience, 24x7. They are not patient and they will make snap decisions. Your site must consistently perform to meet your customer's needs or they will go elsewhere.

Don't hit the headlines for the wrong reasons. When your site goes live have confidence that it will be able to handle the number of users and will not crash.

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What can we do for you?

It's never been easier or more affordable to complete an on-demand website performance test and assure yourself of the capacity and capability of your site.

Our Digital Test Hub has a performance test as a service solution, SiteLoad. It provides you with a performance test from the cloud, conducted with hundreds or thousands of simulated users using your site while its transactional performance is measured and reported in real time, allowing you to deploy on time and with confidence.

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Real life scenarios

Load testing is much more than just a case of blasting your site with hits - our team has many years of experience in web applications and understand how to replicate a complex, real-life load situation to see how your site will react.

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Checking existing sites

SiteLoad can also be useful for an established site - if you're experiencing problems, we can help you identify and fix them.

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Features and benefits

On-demand, low-cost website performance testing

Rapid turnaround - carry out your performance tests within a matter of days

Simulate hundreds or thousands of users

Clear, concise and easy to interpret reports

Cloud enabled - no software to install

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Shoppers remember online wait times as being 35% longer than they actually are (Radware)

40% abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load (Kissmetrics)

75% of online shoppers who experience an issue such as freezing, crashing or taking too long to load will not buy from that site (Akamai)

37% of consumers would not return to a slow site (Equation Research)