The fantastic people we have at Edge make it a great place to work.

We recruit only the best people with an excellent pedigree and a track record in delivering real results. We foster a working environment and ethos that is challenging yet rewarding, focused yet inspiring, ensuring that we deliver successfully. We are committed to creating jobs for the youth in our community through the Edge Academy. This also acts as the gateway to develop testers to meet the challenges for the next generation of software.

Please see a list of our current vacancies on our Careers page.

Our team is led by a very strong management team with a proven track record of success.

Brian Ferrie
Brian  Ferrie - Chief Executive Officer
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Robert Maxfield
Robert  Maxfield - Sales & Marketing Director
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Nadia McKay
Nadia  McKay - Testing Services Director
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Sharon Hamilton
Sharon  Hamilton - Operations Director, Scotland
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Richard Mort
Richard  Mort - Operations Director, England
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Chris Hilson
Chris  Hilson - Client Engagement Director
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William McGavin
Liam  Murdoch - Digital Test Hub Manager
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