28 June, 2016

Everyone's a Tester!

It seems to be a common belief that unless you work in IT or are some sort of ‘Tech-Wiz’ you’ll not use basic testing instincts, but everyone uses testing in their everyday lives and in this blog we’ll tell you how!

Buying a car is something that most of us will go through at some time in our lives and you may say ‘but how does buying a car relate to testing?!’ but here’s the answer.

Two people walk in to a car a dealership:

Salesman: What can I help you with today? *Fake smile and over enthusiasm*

Consumer 1: I’m looking for a particular model of car with; 5 doors, 1.6 engine and these particular technical specifications

Consumer 2: I’m looking for a new car

Salesman: Certainly, what about this one? *Rubs hands together thinking of the commission*

From the above you can see that different people will need their car for different things. A travelling salesman will need a reliable model with low fuel costs, whereas a working mum may be looking for a runaround to take the kids to school with a big boot for the weekly shop …and the pram! Each user or consumer will have different requirements when buying a car.

You may think 'ok I can relate to that', I have certain requirements in mind when buying a car but I don’t see how I use testing? Well the most obvious way is the Test Drive. There aren’t many people who would buy a car without taking a car for a test drive, how can you know how it handles without trying before you buy? What if you drove out of the dealership with your brand new car and then it handles like a double decker bus?!

But what about all the little checks that you do? I mean would you really not check for scratches and dents? Or that the windows work? What about whether the lining is ripped? Or if the radio works? All these little checks are really tests, tests to check that the car is being sold to you with a basic level of quality.

On a basic level testing is the same, we are given a product and we check it before sending it out in to the world, because no one wants to buy a sports car and get a hatchback! 

So although you may think that you would never use testing if you’re not a tester that’s just not the case, because everyone’s a tester.


By Karen Campbell & Emma Fitzpatrick - Test Analysts, Edge Testing

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