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Edge Testing Solutions, part of Eurofins, are one of the UK’s fastest growing software testing companies.

We help companies to cut IT project costs by avoiding expensive mistakes and give businesses confidence in their products. We do this by applying testing techniques innovatively to prevent defects or find them cost effectively.

We understand our clients’ challenges as a business, as well as the technical issues faced from testing perspective. All our testing services are tied tightly to business objectives to ensure clients maximise their return on investment.

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Why did we set up the Digital Test Hub?

In talking to both established businesses and newer digital based businesses we found that the traditional methods of providing large fixed test teams on a long term basis was increasingly becoming less attractive.

What these organisations want is a low cost, flexible service that can be turned on and off as required on an on-demand basis - this formed the basis of the brief for the Digital Test Hub - low cost, on demand, fast service initiation, high quality testing that supports the needs of businesses today.

Testing is vital throughout a project. It is essential that you stay on top of any problems with regular, thorough checks and avoid major breakdowns that will cost you time and money to fix.

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